Resources for workshop :

Pls click link below for journal reading and exercises.

First exercise: read pp 12-20, follow in your journal exercise responses to exercise pp 21,23,25

First exercise submittal March 24, 2020 end of day -wherever your end of day is!

Upload findings via email to and include your name for posting back on the Resilient Spring website, and or take a few pictures and tag in Instagram #resilientspring and #MyBiomimicryJournal

Keep Calm and Draw On

RESILIENT SPRING ::Great news! Gratis Access posted today to biomimicry journaling resources from Biomimicry Institute! Let’s do this! Keep Calm and Draw On- please message me for direct link to free resource access or check online – analog digital hybrid my personal series starting tomorrow please join ! #biophilicdesign #biophilia #art #nature #architecture #AIA #sustainability #watercolor #biomimicryinstitute #livingfuturesinstitute #aia #aiasc #aiacote #biomimicry #resilient #resilientspring #biomimicrycenter RESILIENT SPRING :: if You or your students are interested, please find the link provided free by Biomimicry institute for the pdf book excerpt on Nature Journaling by Erin Rovato. I will be following this framework and propose the initial assignment is read pp 1-19 and do journal assignments 1-3, found on pp 21-25.

Post your findings on FB, IG I will do the same – and will post on my website: upload all findings of the first journal series by Tuesday 31 March and we will go on to the next Biomimicry Lens Journal exercises after any q&a on content, observations and or technique utilized.

Additional information layered from the biophilic principles of ILFI will be shared. Your journaling technique may be combined written, collage, sketch, audio, music – etc.- however you wish to best approach each exercise.

The Biomimicry institute has also provided a free foundational course that you may wish to review during this process.

Be safe, get fresh air and exercise – physical and mental.